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Workforce Emancipation: An awakening in the Zeitgeist

It's been bitter sweet watching the conversation on jobs finally start shifting to where I'd been saying it was going to go since I wrote about the telepresent workforce in 2006.

At the time I'd already invented Action Oriented Workflow in an "explicit" form, that required a workflow modeling processing to define the various stages of work and the individuals that would be delegated to them. I knew that a more efficient way would be possible if I could have the system learn from past routing activities and so set a plan in my development to build an "implicit" routing algorithm at some point.

I didn't get to do that until 2011, after a year of working at McGraw Hill and being *miserable* at what I was seeing in the office. The terrible waste of humanity...

Every day I was tasked to get up at 6 am and prepare myself to be at work for 9, so that I could sit at a computer and supposedly be "productive" for 8 continuous hours.

The absurdity of this expectation needs to be fully realized to understand why I've been evangelizing AOW and what it does for all of US.

If we could be emancipated from location and time in our knowledge work then we'd be free to multiply our skill across multiple assignments FOR multiple employees. This was the vision as expressed in that original post...which is notable as it did not mention AOW at all.

At the time I felt it was important to keep shut with my idea, that others might "steal" it and build systems to do the same things but it turns out that it has been even more difficult for technologists to even understand the value proposition until NOW...

until that recession in 2008 smacked the fuck out of people into realizing that there had to be a better way for humans to utilize their EXISTING *value landscape*, that humans had better figure out a way to work simultaneously for companies and clients in London , Moscow, Kiev and New York.

When I finally decided to come out with the AOW idea I realized I'd better do it in as public a way as possible and so I started a blog and began blogging about technology and other things of interest and in my areas of research. The AOW  white paper which had been proprietary and in house at Apriority LLC was turned into a post and put online for all to see.

The fear of stealing the idea was replaced by my confidence that the world was so behind the ideas that it would take years for people to even recognize the value of it (or admit to the viability of letting people work from wherever on their own time schedule..which even today I see silly counter arguments to...) it's extra ironic that the post went online in 2009, at the height of the economic implosion that the world was going through at the time.

The great adjustment was in progress and would finally get other minds to start thinking about work as I'd been thinking about it already for nearly 10 years....and had built (not was building) HAD BUILT a solution.

Here we are 2014, the zeitgeist is alive with this and that about the meaning of work...and I am shaping a startup around the AOW technology and the ADA (action delta assessment) extension of that technology I completed in 2011.

Today, "marketplace" services like amazon's mechanical turk, taskrabbit, elance, freelancer and others all are jumping on the bandwagon of trying to enable companies to find free make outsourcing easier...but that is not what emancipates the *workforce*.

A workforce already has a corporate home, AOW is for both outsourcing (to build marketplaces for outsourcing is trivial on the platform) and ..what I call INSOURCING, liberating existing workers to derive their best work on their time schedule ...not just reaching out to a pool of hungry nodes looking to do atomic units of your work. Insourcing also allows companies to retain the integrity and privacy of business processes while enabling those companies to continuously harness their global workforce. However, insourcing is where ADA was most critical, the holistic discovery of work patterns and then automatic routing of work to available agents was a key requirement and that was achieved in the second half of 2011 when ADA, the implicit workflow and work routing algorithm API was implemented in AOW.

In my last post on the blog I described the importance of retaining ideas until they were ready to be implemented and drive adoption.

If you can't execute it...don't talk about it unless you want others to try to execute it, well AOW and ADA are executed and I am excited to show how they are going to enable human workforces to be emancipated one vertical at a time now that the world finally sees the importance of such ideas.

Took you guys long enough. ;)

I look forward to presenting the first vertical disruption which leverages AOW and ADA to solve a very present work related problem to all human beings via the first service to be presented by WorkNetz.

Are you ready to be emancipated from work??



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