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On Movements, counter points of noteriety to those of social good.

The common element of all movements, be they those that have been seen to realize social good (like civil rights) and those that are inspired by some perceived injustice that has been generally seen as delusion (white power movement) is fear.

 Fear, is the engine that inspires the movements to the planks that they represent...coupled with the spark of ignorance. The difference though between movements of social good and movements of notoriety is that consistently for those of noteriety, when evidence is brought to bare on the veracity of the claims upheld to represent the movements wishes they are consistently invalided with logic and data.

 Racism has no foot to stand on because we are one human race with superficial differences far LOWER than in lineage differences (and that's all that matters). All claims to superiority based on such superficial claims are thus de facto false. Argumentation beyond this point by those engaged in a debate is tangential to the fact.

 This thus bolsters the claims for civil rights by eliminating one of the main accusations for establishment of different reasons for treatment of one person over the next due to some perceived difference (not that ...even if those distinctions existed it would then be valid, ultimately the rights to individual pursuit of self determination as outlined in our constitution should be held for all humans and now we infer the minds of our animal brethren...all sentient beings!)

 Men's rights is likewise based on a fear charged by ignorance, fear of female domination in the work place, fear of emasculation by females in social situations in preference to continuing to enjoy the advantages of the dominant patriarchy...that males should assert and females should be subservient. fear that women exploiting the schism that changing to a more equitable system necessarily creates would take advantage of the gains made (I think this is a big one).

 It's the same reason why some are against affirmative action, to them it looks like a clear system to be gamed. After all they don't see their people of color being abused with water canons in the streets, refused entrance to shops and restaurants or spat on and called "nigger" and told to walk in the gutter...those where a nameless , faceless generation "long" gone, from which they had zero benefit.

 Just in the recounting these ideas make some one educated in the nuance chuckle before they frown but there it is, as a counter point to movements of social good.... it was at work for civil rights, was at work for women's rights, is at work for gay rights and now here it is again for the new perceived Chimera of men's rights...and just like those counter points when examined closely for logic and data, the movement comes up for the most part, equally illusory.


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