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The anti smart contract event

In a change of pace from my regular subject matter, I thought I'd give a little insight to my recent investment in blockchain technology and why I am now doubling down on investments that only feature smart contract implementing block chain protocols. To be specific: Ethereum.

The Ethereum protocol is set to dominate every other cryptocurrency on the market as of this writing for the following reasons:

1) It is based on a solid second generation blockchain protocol that implements secure contracts.

2) It is growing in adoption on a fast ramp that despite volatility is still ramping....full hockey stick.

3) The smart contracts rely on DAPPS (distributed applications) built on the block chain like token based ICO contracts and associated services, these have been gaining steady use for raising amazing amounts of money in short order to build block chain resident services. These services will anchor inherent value in the ethereum block chain which anchors stability in the protocol as a c…