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Salience tagging: How Emotion and Autonomics drive all thinking.

I've thus far provided a theoretical set of hypothesis for the generalized theory of dynamic cognition based on salience modulation. This theory has been extended a bit since I first published it public in 2013, in particular a 4th hypothesis was added last year concerning the necessity of tying together shallow and broad learning models and deep models to emerge dynamic cognition. True AI. However I've continued to try to understand the low level salience a bit more so how does autonomic and emotional modulation work? This article puts forward a more in depth explanation.
If you look at the DCC (dynamic cognition cycle) control diagram below there are 3 points of feedback of the system to itself. I posit all are necessary and sufficient to emerge any type of cognition from ant to aardvark to Human.

From most external to most internal loop, Feedback one (red) from action, takes a decision to perform an action and then refeeds that into sensation. This is akin to the process …