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Investigating problems in the wrong Universe.

A few weeks ago I was working on implementing an extension to the action oriented workflow paradigm that will allow it to infer implicit workflows using artificial intelligence as working agents do their work. I had finished coding the principle core language element changes (additions of new classes to core api's, recompile, build and distribute to staging server) during the distribute part, or rather after I was unable to restart the server instance of AgilEntity that was rebuilt from the newly deployed changes.

Now, I'd seen similar problems dozens of times before and knew just what to do. My assumption was that obviously some change that i made in the new code deployed was causing a problem, despite the fact that all the new code was properly unit tested per class there was still *the chance* that some novel object interaction in the deployed app. was causing a problem, maybe I neglected to add a handler for a required db column, or forgot to add the column to …