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Code Evolution: An AOW approach to building a smart app.

What I am about to do is a chronicle of a pattern of thought that encapsulates in one idea among many that I've had how I'd go about using an autonomous learning process to solve using computer code what otherwise would be an extremely hard problem with out applying the methods I will employ.

I am going to do it by introducing you to a problem I pondered yesterday while sitting on the Manhattan bound 2 train. The problem?

How would I reliably create an application that can be given only the starting station and the direction of transit, can reliably indicate all the subsequent stops along the path of a given train line???

It is an idea I've often pondered and solved using the obvious answer, which is to ensure that the subway has wifi access and enable each station to report it's information via an application designed specifically to pick up the report and relay that to the user OR a bit more involved but still effective, allow some sensing of the geographic location …