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Why I think the Google Phone is poised to shake up mobile

The whispers of a Google branded wireless device have been out for years, before Android was announced many bloggers and tech. journalists prognosticated on Gooogle's entry in the space with a branded handset. However, when Google did enter the space it did it vicariously through the development of the open source Linux based and now rapidly maturing "Android" operating system. To some the rise of Android started slow but I was confident before even the first phone using the OS arrived that it was poised to open the wireless handheld space wide open. I posted my reasons for this in a post in late 2008.

Today the phone is seeing rapid adoption by handheld makers, Motorola has redesigned its entire line of phones around Android. HTC has a couple of compelling options using its take of Android using the "Sense UI" and talk of dozens of other Android based phones to debut next year hint at 2010 being the year that the Android Tsunami storm surge hits the shores of …

AgilEntity framework: Open Code Challenge #1

In an effort to showcase the self management capabilities of the AgilEntity framework these open code challenges will periodically be run to highlight how AgilEntity enables a new secure, collaborative development paradigm. Here’s how they work, below 5 user accounts have been created with workflow participation and view permissions established to several jsp templates of the AgilEntity platform, these templates contain the actual code that runs on the associated pages that the user accounts will be able to execute by navigating to them on the UI once logged in. The view permissions on each template enables the logged in user to make changes to the code and then submit those changes for update on the actual run time template file. The Action Oriented Workflow system takes care of the rest, enabling the changes to be routed to an agent (me) for evaluation of the solution provided in the code.Here’s how the contest will work.1)First, use one of the user accounts below to login to the de…

A NYC moment: Random act of Kindness

NYC is a place of wonders that continues to surprise me with how easily the trendy, elite and technologically advanced could buttress the mundane, downtrodden and unfortunate. Often as I walk the streets scanning faces set in stone, flowing in the endless waves of people that mark the city scape with their darting , halting and ever meandering life lines, I think of the stories that all these people have, the places they have been and the places they are going. Last night, after a great time spent with old and new friends at a Village bar near 14th st. as if often the case for me after imbibing a good amount of alcohol and having danced the night away, I had the munchies. Unfortunately, the night of revelry ensured that I had no cash to buy the pizza so the hunt for an ATM was on the way, in the city that usually means a walk of no more than a block and sure enough a block later I found a Chase ATM.

I entered and began my transaction , as I finished I noticed motion in the peripheral …