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The telepresent future: real estate re-imagined. Offices becoming Homes

8 years ago I wrote an email to a group of friends on the coming telepresent workforce, at the time 2006 there were no smart phones. The mobile internet was a dream still being built and mostly based on the old web 1.0 technologies rather than the emerging mobile web that would debut once the Iphone was released later that year.

My focus in that email was to explain why it was so important to harness the idea of a telepresent workforce, a workforce of agents working from where ever they felt most comfortable the chief reason being that when the mobile internet was fully built and the necessary secure communication infrastructure for business transactions to happen over it using distributed working agents the costs for maintaining human labor pools in offices would appear disproportionately large compared to the potential gains had by letting these workers work from their preferred locations.

Later I explained how once freed from location the next barrier would be to eliminate the tem…

AOW and emancipated workforces: Knowledge workers have the edge in the coming economy.

A recent article highlights the fear and doubt surrounding  the emergence of technology facilitated market place services that directly connect working agents with worker seekers. Companies like Uber, Taskrabbit, Elance and for like Amazon's mechanical Turk. It got me to finally sit down and explain why this fear is normal but also to describe why it doesn't mean that the "gig economy" as some have called it is not the end of fair compensation for human forms of labor.

So now in stark light the ideas of direct exchange market places facilitated with a thin layer of technology is being examined in the public eye...but this is not new to any of you if you've been reading my writings on the subject going back to my white paper on the action oriented workflow paradigm that generalizes a solution for routing work between direct agents authoring and executing it.

The gig …

Dynamic Cognition, on the meaning of play.

Since the rise of the social network in the last 10 years an interesting concentration and variety of human interactions have been enabled on the fluid and instant media of the social sphere. This media have allowed people to build and cross pollinate their existing social graphs with other people located in disparate regions of the world but also located in disparate cultural and social spaces. The access to all forms of information and the sharing of content related to that information is allowing us to present to each other novel truths that otherwise would not be within our radar and thus would not be available to expand the perspective we have of not just our friends but also of the ideas and truths being presented in the content they share.

Thus in a very real way we stand to be subject to a greater ability to learn about things in the world outside our local bubbles and that I posit is a net good. In several articles in the past I've talked about the powerful glue that soci…