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Democratization of voice has changed everything...why Jaron Lanier is wrong.

In a recent interview, computer scientist Jaron Lanier expresses his view that the social internet has not been a benefit to human society. In particular the open software movement upon which much of it is based is for him mostly a negative for human society.

I think he is missing a critical aspect of what is enabled by the internet and in general communication technologies as they have developed in human societies (predating even homo sapiens sapiens) that aspect is the democratization of an asserted "voice" as explained below.

His attack is more than just on web 2.0 , he has this view that there has been no beneficial social impact to the internet. He couldn't be more wrong, if it were not for the internet, for the hyper connected real time web of communications and the fora of discussion that are made available on the social networks that he called "packs" the following incidents of the last …

Technology: will it kill before it saves?

"And I am very much a skeptic in regards to technology being able to save us from killing ourselves as a species."

A recent email exchange with a new friend contained the previous quote from my friend. It inspired me to finally write out what I'd been saying in bits and pieces to people on Facebook for quite some time.

As for the question, will technology be our saving grace? I am still somewhat ambivalent about it myself, the current time of rapid developments in genetics and biology have me terrified and amazed. Terrified because as a software and hardware engineer I am well aware of the history of change that attended certain technological developments in both areas in the past and how those changes revolutionized human productivity in two phases. The first was the invention of the semiconductor transistor in 1947 by Shockley and Bardeen. The second was the invention of the integrated circuit and soon after photo-lithography that led to the astounding miniaturization o…

A Poem in the key of Erdos

I am a believer of the BOOK,

though there is no Supreme Fascist as it's author.

Before I should die, I would have several epsilons,

though now is not the time as I have no boss as other slaves do.

I do wish to be captured however, before those epsilons come

as is custom and in my view, only the right thing to do.

Having been captured I should not be liberated as my choice

of boss will be a careful one, as any proof should be.

I have no plans to ever leave as science quickly

unravels the mystery to that disease.

Despite this, I occasionally partake in poison in doses

sufficient to enjoy but prevent my leaving.

Though under the influence of poison I must admit to dying temporarily.

Often I listen to noise but never while my mind is open.

I enjoy the act of preaching though in engineering and art but yet mathematics, excluding instruction to my sisters little epsilons at which time I often take great joy in torturing them.

My brain is open!



Communication as a promoter of human empathy.

The following is excerpted from a comment to a friends Facebook wall post concerning humanities pending control over life itself. (Recent announcement of synthetic life being created) I advocate the view that if we do not learn to embrace the sanctity of all life and in particular human life before the costs of weilding this power come down we may end up destroying ourselves.

We have already seen the distal effects of empathy in averting what would otherwise have been great tragedy just by the hyper connected communication streams we share today. What would have happened in the former Yugoslavia if our communication technology were still morse code? Total extermination of Bosnian Muslim by Christian Serb, and the world wouldn't have known until far too late and then not really cared. "Those slavic people who are they ?"

What would have happened in Georgia when Russia decided it was going to invade and take over Abkhasia? More massacre, and we would not know about it for…