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EctoSalience: The importance of salience in the womb to developing stable minds.

A recent advance in the ability to take immature female eggs to maturity in the petri dish prompted a deeper question regarding the connection of this advance to a plausible system for artificial wombs and ectogenesis of human beings and other organisms at some point in the future.

The advantages of such a system for research should be clear, Scientists would be able to cultivate and grow new embryos without the need of an actual living parent as as surrogate. A range of experiments focused on understanding the development of natal diseases could be investigated in real time through a highly monitored and controlled birth environment on a continuous basis.

In the social realm, a commercialized process for growing human embryos outside of a natural womb would allow women to forgo the risks of pregnancy entirely, freeing them from a natural source of social imbalance that has dogged their kinds since the dawn of our species.

However a possible negative aspect to such development must b…

Existential danger, but not from the drones you're thinking of...

Saw this video about a month ago, it is very well done and paints a very dystopian and very unfortunately near term usage of this type of autonomous drone technology. Very Black Mirror. About 5 years ago I wrote a short story set in a far future where advanced drone tech becomes part of the lethal kit deployed with each soldier ...allowing one Man to do the damage of an entire platoon or larger in a conventional military unit. I called this future of AI assistant killers for soldiers Sentinels and Snitches as used by Sargent Dunning Spitz on mission some where in Africa. The rogue danger though is not just one that can come from the use of autonomous electronic systems that are weaponized we are arguably far more advanced in another area of technological advance right now... autonomous weaponized biosystems. I have been sounding the warning bells on that space for nearly 11 years now, the advance …

First *extra Galactic* planetary scale bodies observed

This headline

So every so often I see a story that has me sitting at the keyboard for a few seconds...actually trying to make sure the story is not some kind of satire site because the headline reads immediately a nonsense.
This headline did just that.
So I proceeded to frantically click through and it appears it was a valid news item from a valid news source and my jaw hit the floor.
Many of you know that we've been finding new planets outside of our solar system for about 25 years now.
In fact the Kepler satellite and other ground observatories have been accelerating their rate of extra-solar planet discoveries in the last few years but those planets are all within our galaxy the Milky Way.
The three major methods used to detect the bulk of planets thus far are wobble detection, radial transit and this method micro lensing which relies on a gravitational effect that was predicted by Einstein in his general theory of relativity exactly 103 years ago.