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Virtual characterization before real colonization. A glimpse at how sentient variants will people the stars.

The year is 2560,
A colonization star ship is on its way to a planet in the Trapezium open cluster in the Orion Nebula...discovered over a hundred years earlier. It was characterized to detail a few years later via autonomous systems.
The planet was found to be not quite human 1.0 habitable...but we weren't going to be sending human 1.0's there.
See in 2560, gene editing has been a routine and common practice in human populations going back 540 years. Humans have been thus able to radically conform themselves and their flora and fauna to the environs often far more inhospitable to human 1.0 life than Mars.
Evaluation of a trip to Orion Trapezium planet beta3 had been a 10 year affair once it was stamped as worthy of exploration. 10 years ago in 2350, most people hadn't heard of the system this point in time there are several billion recorded and characterized exo planets and humans have only gotten to a few dozen of them with our advanced but sub light drives.
One of…

Proof of Record, copyrights and patents. Facebook's sleeping revenue stream.

When I first started blogging at sent2null space one of the main reasons for doing so was to record sketchy thoughts into a public medium where there would be a record of the act of having presented the idea.
This would serve as a proof of record of sorts to the origination of a given concept. The idea being that in the future when the question comes up of "who wrote about x or y first?" the answer can be found definitively by searching several sources with such proofs of record.
A few hours ago I posted an idea for a new company name to a thread. After joking about the fact that some one may be stealing the idea to attempt implementing something similar I realized that some aspects of that post would be ideally protected via Facebook itself.
If any service will likely be with us for decades if not centuries to come I'd pin it on Facebook, the main reasons I've posted about before.
1) network connection effects. Facility to build social connections on the service. 2)…