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Podcast recordings on the brain and artificial intelligence and how we get there.

I had a great session with Wai Tsang ,  moderated by Ben Thomas talking about artificial intelligence, how we go about creating artificial minds. Building on the ideas I've expressed in this blog for several years regarding the importance of autonomics, emotion and the fractal process to building a multi dimensional learning dynamic cognition. The talk was done in two parts which you can take in below:


Autism, Astrocytes and Attention...a possible driving hypothesis.

"I take over a thousand pictures of a person's face when I look at them. That's why we have a hard time looking at people" ~ Carly Fleischmann

I actually like that self report because it indicates some very important hypothesis about how the brain is self connected in an autistic person different from a "normal" person.

Namely, I'd propose that the reason there is sensory over load is because the normal mechanism for encapsulating and possibly shifting attention to different cognitive aspects under consideration is short circuited in some way...such that there is a bias toward external stimuli.

Our cognitive dynamics involves a balance, an equilibrium between the external sensation and the internal sensation dimension, I assert (in many of my blog posts from the last few years) that consciousness is nothing more than the time variant dance of this interplay between what  the world is presenting to us across those "extrasensory" inputs and wha…

When the crazy and the stupid can build monsters in their basements...

Never leave out  insanity or stupidity....both are amazing motivating factors for people with seeming bounty to do incredibly horrendous things. I am saddened on a *daily basis* by the ignorance that I come across on any given outing into NYC. If I speak to enough people on enough subjects I will encounter multiple people that believe things which can't even be termed as being wrong...they are simply in the wrong universe.

With that element out there in the human population I am yet more pessimistic about our chances once more and more powerful ways to change the world drastically are democratized (like building your own living organisms as synthetic biology enables us to do).

When I was a 13 year old writing BASIC programs....I couldn't write a program that could go to my neighbors pc and erase his hard drive because a) well I didn't know enough BASIC and networking code then and b)  neither of us had a modem so even if I did know how to write the code there was no netwo…

Get your code tighter....make sure TCr is on its way down over time.

Here by defines the TC ratio, "tight code":

If the ratio of the total lines of code in your project over the number of  unique features added with those lines of code goes down over time, then your project is getting progressively tight and is efficient across all metrics....otherwise, you need to re-evaluate your architecture, re-evaluate the skill of your coders and re-evaluate the features you're adding.

TCr = total lines of code / total features user or admin facing

TCr ~ 0 = GOOD!

:In my development of AgilEntity, TCr has been going down for quite some time now. Over the history of a project the TCr curve should look like a rapidly rising curve from f(eatures)=0  on the horizontal axis and with total lines of code on the vertical axis, as features are added, the curve should  hump as the architectural code is completed and then if the architecture is hyper efficient new additions to code should be swamped by features that accrue with their addition, bringing the cu…