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From Chat bots to Chat co writers

As machine learning technology rapidly improves in it's ability to explore the world visually, linguistically and sonically much like we do we will move from the current era of leveraging low context interpretation of our words to get things we want done completed to having full on conversations with our AI.

As it regards communication ...when we engage in social media with other humans we will have the aid of our AI providing guidance in real time...telling us what we've typed is not true or providing suggestions for new information based on searches of the web for context relevant information.

Imagine having a chat conversation or a forum conversation and having your AI indicate that you got a fact wrong and that you should correct it ...imagine it finding the flaws in the statements of those you are communicating with...allowing you to correct them.

The need to disengage the conversation in order to go research the minutia of the content will go away as our guide AI does that…