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Facebook and other prominent social networks are akin to cancer not the common cold.

A recent study is getting the zeitgeist in a fluff over the possible survival of Facebook. 

Eh. No.

Like most such analysis it fails to factor in the importance of network effects that tie people to the social network in the first place.

The main advantage that Facebook has (and all similar social networks across the globe that have gained dominance in those areas) is that they have enabled people to connect in one system a distributed set of nodes of people they have interacted with in real life plus people they interact with virtually.

The value of this network of connections far exceeds any disadvantage that comes from being bored on the service.

Over and again I've seen people claim that they are leaving FB ONLY to come back, the pattern is that those with established and large networks simply can't escape the convenience of being able to chirp to their entire life network…

On Movements, counter points of noteriety to those of social good.

The common element of all movements, be they those that have been seen to realize social good (like civil rights) and those that are inspired by some perceived injustice that has been generally seen as delusion (white power movement) is fear.

 Fear, is the engine that inspires the movements to the planks that they represent...coupled with the spark of ignorance. The difference though between movements of social good and movements of notoriety is that consistently for those of noteriety, when evidence is brought to bare on the veracity of the claims upheld to represent the movements wishes they are consistently invalided with logic and data.

 Racism has no foot to stand on because we are one human race with superficial differences far LOWER than in lineage differences (and that's all that matters). All claims to superiority based on such superficial claims are thus de facto false. Argumentation beyond this point by those engaged in a debate is tangential to the fact.

 This thus bolst…

Workforce Emancipation: An awakening in the Zeitgeist

It's been bitter sweet watching the conversation on jobs finally start shifting to where I'd been saying it was going to go since I wrote about the telepresent workforce in 2006.

At the time I'd already invented Action Oriented Workflow in an "explicit" form, that required a workflow modeling processing to define the various stages of work and the individuals that would be delegated to them. I knew that a more efficient way would be possible if I could have the system learn from past routing activities and so set a plan in my development to build an "implicit" routing algorithm at some point.

I didn't get to do that until 2011, after a year of working at McGraw Hill and being *miserable* at what I was seeing in the office. The terrible waste of humanity...

Every day I was tasked to get up at 6 am and prepare myself to be at work for 9, so that I could sit at a computer and …

Don't share your startup ideas until after you have implemented them yourself.

The startup zeitgeist in the United States is energized by many trends and philosophies over how startups should be run and how technology ideas should be spread in order to gather investor interest. From the lean startup concepts to the idea of fast failing and pivoting around processes that fail to grow or fail to achieve the desired growth at the birth of a company.

The marketplace of startups seeking investors, team members, mentors and advisers is huge...yet we hear over and over again from mostly the investors, the angels and the vc's that it is okay to share your idea without providing an NDA. That there is no value in an idea and because there is no value one should not fear sharing it.

This is utter bullshit.

The value that exists in an idea is potential value, it is like the energy that a boulder at the top of a cliff has, stored up potential within the context of the Earth - Boulder system that can do smashing results once the boulder hits the bottom. Ideas are the same wa…