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Asimo, the best and last... of the modern day mechanical turks.

To those of you uninitiated to the astonishing revolution of advances that have attended the space of machine learning / AI in the last 15 years who gawk in wonder at the "amazing" tricks that Honda's Asimo robot can achieve be not fooled.

Asimo is the culmination of robotics done precisely the WRONG way.

What do I mean by WRONG? How can I state that given the seemingly impressive things Azimo can do.

Asimo can walk and turn in stride.

Asimo can pick itself up after falling.

Asimo can hold and manipulate objects.

Asimo can identify objects.

Asimo can open bottles.

Asimo can climb up and down stairs.

Asimo can identify obstacles and redirect walking path out of their way.

Asimo can truly run.

So why do I say Asimo is doing things the wrong way??

Because Asimo, unlike an animal capable of similar functionality is using tens of thousands of times the power to get it done.

Why is that important?

Power is how computational ability and requirements are metered out by reality. …