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Gravitational Waves: Why detecting them would open sight through new eyes to the Universe around us.

New tantalizing reports of gravitational waves being detected hit the web recently.

So if it does detect them I'd imagine it would detect distal waves with high periodicity rates. The proximal waves are going to have very long wave length and I don't know how they'd disambiguate those without making very long observation windows.

Proximal sources of such waves are:

a)  the Sun itself ...very very tiny micro shedding as it gives up mass to energy. These are likely to be super super weak and likely not capturable by current generation technology.

b) the Sun - Mercury transit , though Mercury is tiny compared to the sun both do distort space time and sit in mutual wells...which should create a very tiny wake (a GW) that has periodicity matched to the rotation rate of Mercury around the Sun. This being a longer wavelength it would require a long observation window and it is also abysmally tiny. So again ...unlikely to be captured with current tech.

c) the Sun - Venus transit …

Global Ride Sharing proliferation, consolidation and a future low to no cost transport fabric. The story thus far...

"Uber has been investing heavily in China, and the service is growing there like crazy. Uber’s service is taking off in China much faster than it did in the United States. Nine months after launching in Chengdu, Uber had 479 times the trips it had in New York after the same amount of time.
Uber is also putting a lot of money into its Chinese growth. Uber's China branch has closed a funding round that values it at $7 billion.  In total, Uber has raised more than $6 billion in several funding rounds, including a $600 million investment from Chinese search engine company Baidu."
--- And yet , combined we are still talking about 4 major markets. US, Europe, China and India. South America , Africa , South East Asia are also all ripe for entry. This quote comes from this article. He with the most funding has the best chance of radically innovating fast enough in the space to grab market share from the others, so far on a global basis Uber has executed brilliantly. They didn't…