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Calorie recalculate....discovering wonder foods.

After suffering a running injury early last year (around March) I was forced to stay off my alternate day routine of running. During these runs I would burn about 1,000 Calories per workout and it was enough to enable me to maintain my weight between 175 and 178 lbs from 2002 until the date of injury. After the injury I only slightly compensated in diet modification for the lost Calorie burn, however due to the high level of fitness that my muscle cells had achieved over the years it took almost 5 months before I started to gain weight appreciably. I started noticing more than usual snug fit in my jeans and tops but it wasn't until August that things started to fall off a precipice as the lack of exercise and the lost fitness in my cells coupled with the maintained high Calorie diet began to take their toll. Nearing the middle of December I gained the bravery to weigh myself and was shocked to find that I had ballooned to 210 lbs. the highest weight I'd been in 8 years. As is …