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The buttons that lie.

Just a minute ago I was reading the digital pdf of the latest issue of eweek and a pop up window presented showing a "download" button to receive a white paper on application delivery. I had no particular desire to read the content of the pdf, I was more interested in answering if pressing download would indeed immediately download the pdf as indicated by the button. A pet peeve of mine is the disingenuous labeling of buttons that is rampant in online advertising. I guess the businesses that do this don't think it is a big deal, that the user will discover the deception and pass it off as "well they had to get our attention" but I think this is a false conclusion. I find such buttons extremely indicative of a potentially bad business partner, think about it, if a business can so easily tell a mis truth about something as insignificant as weather or not a "download" button, actually downloads when depressed, what does that say about the really importa…

wireless web devices facilitate opportunity

I recently attended a talk given by some advertising and marketing professionals in the IT community at NYIT in Manhattan. I was there to network and engage in discussions about the trends in the current web and the future movement of the technology. After some discussion on the place of marketing in the area of social networks the topic of the IPhone came up. The speaker was quick to express his disdain with the IPhone as a wireless device and felt it was flawed in many ways. I however was focused not on the flaws that the current early generations of this device has but rather on the potential for all classes of wireless devices that will share the same attributes. In fact as I write this, the Samsung Instinct, Google GPhone and the BlackBerry Storm have emerged as competitive products to the IPhone in the space of what I call opportunity facilitating devices.

These devices take the pc or wireless laptop to a new realm of enabling the users to be connected not only to others in real…