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Highly targeted Cpg vaccine immunotherapy for a range of cancer


This will surely go down as a seminal advance in cancer therapy. It reads like magic:

So this new approach looks for the specific proteins that are associated with a given tumors resistance to attack by the body's T cells, it then adjusts those T cells to be hyper sensitive to the specific oncogenic proteins targeted. These cells become essentially The Terminator​ T cells in the specific tumor AND have the multiplied effect of traveling along the immune pathway of spreading that the cancer many have metastasized. This is huge squared because it means you can essentially use targeting one tumor to identify and eliminate distal tumors that you many not even realize exist.

This allows the therapy for treating cancer to, for the first time; end the "wack a mole" problem that has frustrated traditional shot gun methods of treatment involving radiation and chemotherapy ...which by their nature unfortunately damage parts of the body that are not cancer laden but …

Behavior, Propagates at the speed of ... salience evaluation.

In my research investigating the seeds of cognitive dynamics and the importance of emotion toward that emergence I looked closely at how the fundamental limits of physical systems in the form of the cells that store differential information about our experiences set the ultimate bounds on what those dynamics can be.

I came over the last decade to the hard conclusion that the game theoretic possibilities that emrege from these dynamics are the toolkit from which any physical system for cognition must employ to build solutions. As a result ...knowing how such agents interact is fundamental to determining how a corpus of such agents in the form of a densely connected brain of such cells will or will not emerge a range of cognitive expressions.

When I formalized the principle hypothesis of the salience theory of dynamic cognition the high level description asserted the importance of physical embedding to the driving dynamics of cognition. How this embedding and consequent embodiment of agen…

The future of rendering is remembering.

Once upon a dream
About 20 years ago I wrote a poem which sadly I can't find but the gist of the poem was the wonder I held at the fact that I had dreamed the night before, a dream so vivid as to be mistaken for reality by my sleeping consciousness.  I awoke that day and was so moved by the visceral nature of the dream that I penned the poem. What makes a dream seem real?  A combination of factors owing to spatial and temporal alignment to how the world evolves during our wake states. For one , time beats off roughly equally ....we don't experience dramatic speed up or slow down of time as can often happen in the dream state. Another obvious tell is that in dreams the laws of physics are often either non existent or dynamically pliable in a way that to our dreaming minds obviously puts them in the realm of fantasy. Other aspects stand out, like how things look or sound or taste.

Ultimately the combination of flaws in our brains ability to properly correlate a dreamed event wit…