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The coming pathogenic relief impulse

The last few years have been an astounding roller coaster ride of discoveries in the areas of genetics, molecular biology, oncology and in particular our understanding of how to analyze pathogens to find highly effective, targeted methods to destroy them without invasive or dangerous side effects to the living organism. The sequencing of the human genome has opened the flood gates on investigations into the genetic causes of diseases and to the quick isolation of proteins and enzymes that by over abundance , imbalance or lack of creation lead to various pathologies.

In this post I am going to cover some of the recent discoveries and provide some analysis on how I think those discoveries will lead to accelerating benefits in the years to come.

The story of stem cells

An argument could be made that the ban of embryonic stem cell derived research in the United States by the Bush administration in 2001 forced researchers to seek other methods to investigate the power of these cells for the…

Demo day 1

Well here's the skinny on the first live demonstration that I gave for
since going live private beta on June 2. I'd been preparing for such events by lurking at a few
in the city to see how other companies were going about it and crafted my presentation
strategy for maximum effect! I had to jump through a few hoops with Rackspace
(my hosting provider) to get the servers online but the deed was done.

I got to bed nice and early in order to be well rested and was able to get about 4 or 5
hours of deep sleep before I got up early that morning restless at the day to come.
I hit the road around 5 am for my run, 6.88 miles of "meditation" that formed the
substrate for thoughts on how it would go. I reviewed my demonstration script in my
head and after the run was over and I was showered and ready for the day reviewed it
again. The hours flew by and before I knew it it was time to head out to Manhattan.
I got my laptop configured and ready and hit the road.

I arrived early…

cable versus phone price wars are good!

In light of the debate (or is it a conflagration?) on Health Care reform that is currently raging in the United States an instructive story comes from my experiences with the company that provides my internet / phone and cable service. Cablevision, I'd been a customer of the service for about 4 years and was fairly happy with the quality of the options being provided (though the video signals on the standard cable channels are a bit too compressed..but I digress) the bandwidth and speed of the internet connection is routinely rated as some of the best in the country and the phone service does its job, it works and the sound quality is excellent. The problem is the service that I purchased is continuously going up in price, at one point I was paying nearly $200 a month for the combined service, to some that is nothing but as an engineer I have the curse of knowledge, I am well aware of the underlying technologies required to provide the service and know that for the cable provider … and down

I was on the phone last night trying to get Rackspace to turn my service on to my customers, the site is down while I try and figure out a way to get it back restored. I apologize to any users that have been inconvenienced by this outage and hope to be back up as soon as possible.