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Infinite series of Universes birthing Universes inside black holes is too beautiful not to be true.

A recent article on the singularity inside black holes supposes that maybe they are not each housing a singularity, a point of infinite density and this is an idea I've been partial two for a long time. For the following reasons which have a mathematical basis to them.

Consider this,

If I lived on an asymptotic curve that exists on both sides of the asymptote...I would never know there was an other side. I'd see the approach to the asymptote as properly infinite along the dimension of measure (in this case matter density) but I'd be wrong....

ditto kiddo.

Our theories are ONLY estimations of the reality, the reality is continuous *even across asymptotic bounds* just like the pure mathematics that we use to capture those asymptotic curves.

The history of physical discoveries is a sign of this, one revolution after another pointed out because infinity showed up where it shouldn't have in some theory.....leading us to realize that the *wrong math* was being used (Black body …