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Action Oriented Workflow, workforce emancipation, maximized value landscapes lead to the future we must have.

A recent article indicated in a chart some serious issues facing the American economy specifically but the global economy in general. It focuses on the short term maximization that is the inherent pull for corporations and how that mantra leads businesses to take a relentless approach to cost cutting which includes cutting costs in terms of the salary and other compensation given to employees.

 In a response to a thread started to discuss this article I posted the following that described again from some new angles why Action Oriented Workflow technology allows people to maximize their inherent value and work across their value landscapes. I felt it was worth transcribing into a formal blog post so here it is: What AOW does is it allows performance evaluation to be properly modulated by social cues only so much as needed to complete initiatives begun.

Ideally merit and performance evaluation are linked 1 to 1 and the couple are linked to one simple concept "action", humans …

Edison versus Tesla?? ...your comparison is invalid.

Today is a special day to an army of internet geek followers, proud champions of the en vogue practice of putting up anything technical as something "awesome!" simply because it is technical and people that work in that space are cool for reasons that can't otherwise be distilled. Yet another day where I get to grit my teeth at the dozens of posts upholding the "unbelievable" genius of Nikola Tesla and how he's been so wronged by history.

I am here to strike a contrarian chord.....Give it a rest. Tesla was indeed a great engineer, he devised some really cool technologies, alternating current and wireless transmission technologies being the two best by far....but he was only an engineer. The fact that he died penniless is direct indication of his lack of *grander vision* for the technologies he created and that's the most sad thing of all.

The much maligned Thomas Edison was also an Engineer (contrary to what theoatmeal had to say about that truth here)…