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Accelerating Humanities race to zero.

It's interesting to me how often people confuse the idea of being supported by government systems with the idea that those people are "lazy" or not being productive or creative in any way.

This is the height of the stupidity of such views. Ultimately we WANT to build a society where more people are able to survive without having to work if indeed that is what they want. This situation benefits all humanity as it ALWAYS has.

It is freedom FROM work that got us out of the daily subsistence survival JOB when we learned how to harness the patterns we saw in the environment with regard to locations for water and other sources of natural resource and flora and fauna we needed to survival.

That freedom FROM work got us to think about writing literature, induced us to build surpluses of our now readily gathered natural resources, created the first builders and engineers and craftsmen.

As our ancient ancestors all over the world became good at these things they discovered metal …

New technique for in vivo gene modification, more like a CrispR-Cas9 supplement than a replacement

So some are cheerleading a new technique for inducing genetic modification.

The key issue that stands out with this new technique is indicated near the end of that article, it is NOT a permanent process.

First, the claim that the possibility of cancer formation exists with the process of Crispr / Cas9 is true but then the probability of formation is the same for a natural gene silencing operating which are constantly happening over the developmental life cycle of any organism.

That is why it is such an amazing technique to start, the mention of promoter addition as a possible bad thing doesn't make any sense to me (but I may not understand what they mean)...if you want to activate an inserted gene you need a promoter that is the switch activate the inserted gene or by being found in a silencing operation is methylated.

In the final analysis to do all the things we want to do.

1) Repair existing genes in vivo (permanently).
2) Add in new genes in vivo (permanently).