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A skyfull of drones: Expect it.

The main gripes I've heard and neutralized are:

1) "Oh but it's so dangerous!! what of drones falling out the sky! what of accidents??"

2) "Oh the government will never allow it, too many laws..too many regulations."

3) Doubts about scale but these are coming from a fear place not a technical place, as an Engineer I can tell you *now* they are moot.

4) Doubts like my brothers which was that people would fear their adoption, that one was easy. We've got a 150 years of new technology being feared and yet still being adopted eventually once all the paranoia was neutralized.

We can start with the hilarious madness of the current wars during the late 1870's, we can move up to the late 19th century in the 1890's to see the same hilarious paranoia said about the forward yet again just 10 to 15 years and see the same hysteria go up about airplanes.  The same data devoid and fear based arguments were put up then....all absolutely moot today.

Also it must be kept in mind that because of the power of industry lobby pressure eventually the government will see the value proposition being made by the companies (Fedex/Amazon/Google/Tesla/UPS ...etc. It will soon be a flood after all those guys R&D programs come back with their hard data) bringing these numbers to the table. A clear explanation of how costs can be reduced and commerce increased by deploying such systems is all a senator or congressman needs to see to ask for his cut for the next election should he give his support.

Finally, the fact that these technologies need to be evaluated for future markets by a global competitive landscape puts the pressure on their implementation at costs to be even higher. What will the US economy do when super efficient drone and car and truck fleets flow across the globe from Chinese makers? Asserting dominance for producing and shipping EVERYTHING unseen (they are already dominant but mostly because the average Chinese standard of living is still far below that of a US citizen). They are surely chopping at the bit to get such research in place, funded and the US and western countries can't afford to sit on the side lines.

It has happened before and it will happen again.

On this issue I am ambivalent, as such myopia has directly impacted my ability to evangelize the analogous efficiency extraction revolution that I've been trying to explain to people in the form of Action Oriented Workflow technology that I invented 10 years ago, I'd have an easier chance squeezing a neutron star!!

Ultimately AOW and ADA is about enabling the same point to point fulfillment of a good need for a consumer but using the virtual currency of "action" and a secure system for flowing it from agent to agent in order that it be committed to serve business needs.

I've said that as more and more people find themselves jobless they'll open their eyes more and more to solutions like it that allow them to "maximize their inherent value". Already (which just swallowed oDesk) and a few other marketplace services are out there and servicing one side of the coin. (Allowing people to easily freelance within a niche marketplace) but AOW addresses that side of the coin and THE other side *for all possible businesses*, allowing businesses to emancipate their *existing* employees as well as reaching out to free lancers in any desired marketplace and to add in machine learning to handle the internal expertise finding and fulfillment process ( the virtual octo/quadrocoptors for "action").

Now here barely in 2014, with such companies JUST coming out...I can say without hyperbole that when I had AOW working in 2004 it was 15 years ahead of every one else as even that is not seen in the wild *today* other than with the only system that implements AOW, my AgilEntity framework and ADA (the work routing algorithm I wrote in 2011/12) is also about 10 years ahead of every one else. So it's no doubt that it has taken a while for people to wake mostly thanks to the unfortunate circumstance of a job less "recovery" from the last recession.

I understand why people have been blind to revolutionary technology, lack of historical context, lack of technical context, lack of governmental context...but that doesn't make it any easier...the pains people are suffering now have them dancing to find other solutions and AOW/ADA is ready to feed that need.



Debi R said…
You seem well educated and very well written. I'm enjoying reading your posts! I sent you a Friend Request on Facebook. I hope you accept it. Debi R.

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