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Points beyond political debate that some keep arguing over.

Things that Republicans support for the most part that SCIENCE and/or endless data shows are false:

1) Trickle down economics. It doesn't fact it instead robs our country of potential innovation by enabling people who already have more than they need to sack away more instead of deploying that to the nation to invest in others that can innovate.

2) Maintaining the war on drugs. Does not work. All over the world examples of liberal policies on drug decriminalization or legalization have been met by *double digit* reductions in drug use and associated costs (crime), treatment costs have gone up (particularly in Portugal) but that is more than compensated by all the savings from no longer needing to actively police drug use.

3) Object to Abortion. It should be a right for every woman to chose up to the point that biologically a fetus is viable outside of the womb...period end of story...but conservatives and their insane beliefs that there are imaginary men in the sky granting them favors, or defining when human life beings, are reluctant to just give it up.

4) Objection to Gay Marriage. Again...Science shows clearly that a persons sexual identity is about as much in their control as choosing ones hair color at not in your control at all. Beyond that, who you fall in love with and want to share your life with is your fracking business...and government has no say in it. Arguments regarding difficulties assessing fraud...and other such monetary conditions are those same issues exist for heterosexual couples.

5) Objection to Immigration. Conservatives apparently never learned that this is an immigrant country. That a healthy influx of people "starving masses yearning to breath free" was the life blood, the engine that led to competition and innovation in the "we can do anything" spirit that is AMERICA. You, descendent from immigrant descended from immigrant Haitians...the new generatirons coming from Ukraine, Romania, Honduras, Argentina...we should not lock these people out. If any one has the balls and grit to get themselves on a plane or boat to come to a country where they have no idea how to speak the language....that's the spirit we are built on, and any talk of excluding them....shows absolutely blindness to the history of awesomeness that is our country and highlights the hateful xenophobia that inspires the objection.

6) Objection to Social services, the view that every one should scrap for themselves in an absolute world where there are no rules but survival of the fittest is not only insane it is incredibly selfish.

We live on the same planet, we share the same resources...locally or globally then it means by definition YOU ARE YOUR BROTHERS KEEPER. I am not Religious it is simply a read of the very social efficiencies that led our species to dominate:


Republicans want to let the mob rule, hoping that innovation will sprout here and there ...and it will...just as it did in the natural species to the next...but in our society ...we don't have billions of years to wait for something efficient to evolve from the chaos. We are smart because of the billions of years of evolution that have given us these brains and we should USE THEM to provide guidance to the future of social systems. That means...if disequity exists we should seek to construct means to normalize it...why?

See: French Revolution.


So yes, In America, neither party is perfect...but the answers we need are not all of one way or all of another, and regarding those 6 points above...well the only people denying them are the same type who denied the truth of Copernicus when he uttered them, denied the truth of Einstein when he derived his equations...those more concerned with maintaining the status quo because it suited them rather than embracing change that could benefit ALL.

The time for that type of selfishness is behind us.


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